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#089: The Builder Schedule vs. Manager Schedule

Builders and managers operate on different schedules, and when the two collide it causes problems with productivity, quality, and employee engagement.  Here’s what you need to know to fix it. Grab your free 10 day trial of The CONSTRUCTION BUSINESS ACCELERATOR What you’ll learn in this construction podcast episode: What you may be doing to […]

Eliminate chaos in a construction business. Listen to Episode 86 of The Construction Leading Edge podcast to find out more...

#086: Eliminating Chaos: How to Systematize Your Business…the RIGHT Way

Tired of chaos in your business or on your project?  Here’s how to eliminate it… Grab your free 10 day trial of The CONSTRUCTION BUSINESS ACCELERATOR What you’ll learn in this construction podcast episode: Laminar flow vs. turbulent flow, and what does that have to do with a construction business. Biggest mistakes people make when […]

Construction Payroll Tracking Could Save You $16,000 Per Year


How To Automate Construction Payroll Tracking

Use Tsheets to easily track time on any device to streamline construction payroll, send accurate invoices, and save thousands each year. Click Here To Learn More About Tsheets Here’s what some Tsheets clients would tell you… “We’ve been using tsheets for over two years now…. And its been a game changer! It was all that […]

This Hidden Cost Could Be Killing Your Construction Business Bottom Line

Transcript All right, here’s the problem, construction business owners are bleeding cash from a hidden cost. It doesn’t show up on the bank statements or on an invoice, but you can bet it’s hitting your bottom line. It’s called opportunity cost, and here’s how it works. Think of your business as a machine, you put […]

#079: Ten Activities Worth $1K Per Hour or More

As a construction business owner or leader, you need to spend your time on “high value” activities Here Are Ten Activities Worth $1K Per Hour or More: #1.  Sell new projects or contracts Sell new work: it’s the number one thing that you can do worth at least $1,000. For example, you could spend eight […]

Cash Flow Tip: Understanding Opportunity Cost

Opportunity cost doesn’t show up on your bank statement, but it’s hitting your bottom line.  Every decision you make has an opportunity cost…

Productivity Tip: Empower Your People

There’s no better ROI than empowering your people. Here’s how to do it.

Cash Flow Tip: Schedule for Revenue

Take control of your cash flow by scheduling your crews based on revenue needs.

Over Invest in Planning

You can improve productivity and cash flow by over-investing in planning.