Nine Mistakes Killing Their Sales…Maybe Yours Too

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Show Them How Valuable Their Time Is

Ten Activities Worth $1,000 / hr to Your Construction Business Owner Prospect – Episode #79 of The Construction Leading Edge Podcast  

CoConstruct – Selling on Value Followup Challenge

  Listen to Spencer Padgett on Episode 110 of The Construction Leading Edge Podcast Download the slides from the Selling on Value training session at the CoConstruct office

#113: Financial Pitfalls, Accounting Mistakes to Avoid and Cash Flow Tips from Construction CFO Nicole Landau

Learn the #1 mistake contractors make when doing their own accounting and what you may be missing out on from construction financial expert Nicole Landau. Click here to access free training on cash flow, selling mistakes to avoid and the Secrets of Successful Contractors What you’ll learn about in this construction podcast episode: The #1 […]

The Builder Show: IBS 2019 Featured Exhibits, Talks & Tips for Eliminating Chaos

Five Ways You Can Eliminate Chaos Batch communication with customers Focus on the handoff points in your project Clearly establish roles and responsibilities Fire yourself from bookkeeping, and partner with a company like Apparatus Contractor Services. Run your business “right to left” using the Revenue Maximizer method. “Just starting to think “right to left” has been […]

Fall in Love with Problems…Not Solutions with Andy Rosic

Don’t be a hammer in search of a nail. Andy Rosic of The Home Depot and Todd Dawalt chat about the pitfalls of a solution obsessed mindset. Listen here! In this episode of The Construction Leading Edge podcast you’ll learn:  Key problem solving methods for business owners. How to switch from selling solutions, to adapting […]

#084: Growing a Business by Shrinking Your Customer Base with Todd Staley

This episode of The Construction Leading Edge podcast is a conversation with Todd Staley of IWR North America. He shares some essential inside knowledge on augmenting business strategy and developing a dynamic company culture. Listen here!  What you’ll learn in this episode: How to grow your business by shrinking your client base. How to use […]

#083: The Delicate Dance of a Family Construction Business with Dominic Rubino

This episode of The Construction Leading Edge Podcast is a conversation with long time entrepreneur Dominic Rubino from The Cabinet Maker Profit System Podcast. What you’ll learn in this episode: How to navigate the delicate dance of running a family business How to set up systems to provide accountability Profit leaks: what they are and […]

#082: 37 Habits of self-destructive people: Limiting beliefs that are sabotaging your success

A strong and positive mindset is the most important characteristic of an outstanding leader. Listen and learn how to de-bug your belief system by identifying and conquering the limiting beliefs that are sabotaging your success.  A preview of what you’ll learn in this episode:   Limiting beliefs 1 – 5  Obstacle focus vs. Objective focus : […]

#081: Anchoring

What does a sticky situation with an emergency generator have to do with Donald Trump? Anchoring. An important negotiation tactic and a fundamental human tendency to place outsized importance on the first piece of information presented, anchoring can work in your favor or work against you. Listen to learn how to plant the anchor firmly […]