#070: Tips From an HR Expert on Solving Your Labor Challenges

Tips for making your next big hire. Attacking the skilled construction labor shortage problem. Misconceptions about women in the trades. Misconceptions about millennials in construction.

Episode #70 of The Construction Leading Edge podcast from www.constructionleadingedge.com is a conversation with Human Resources expert Luiza Mills, VP of Human Resources for a large electrical contractor in New England.

Topics you’ll learn about in this construction podcast:

  • Advice for making your next big hire.
  • Unique strategies for solving the skilled construction labor shortage.
  • Common misconceptions about women in the trades, and what we can co about it.
  • How lean manufacturing methods can help the skilled construction labor shortage.
  • What it means to have “internal customers.”
  • How do you keep millennials from leaving your company?


How you can get in touch with Luiza Mills:

Luiza’s email: lmills(at)iesc1.com

Interstate Electrical Services website: www.iesc1.com


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