Cheap, simple, easy change order reporting from the field

Want the ability to report construction change orders from the field…without expensive software?  Here’s how…

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Ben sent me this question recently:

“I’m looking for more information on Zoho Creator.  I would like to create a change order request form, but I’m a bit intimidated.  Not gonna lie.  Love the podcast.”

Well, Ben…today’s your lucky day (and I’m glad to hear you love the podcast!)

In this video, you’ll learn how to use a cheap, practically unknown website called Zoho Creator to create what is essentially a custom mobile app.

When you’re done, anybody you want will be able to fill out a form on their phone to capture information from the field, email a list of people, and you can track it in an online report.

What else can you use this process for?  Good question…

If you’re a construction business owner…

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