#064: Tax Secrets for Contractors and the Most Expensive Tax Mistakes You Could Be Making

What are the 10 most expensive tax mistakes contractors make? Can you make money by hiring a CPA? Episode #64 of The Construction Leading Edge Podcast from is an interview with Craig Cody, who is a Certified Public Account, Certified Tax Coach and former NYPD police officer. In this construction podcast episode you will learn […]

Gratitude: Why is it so powerful and how does it work?

Gratitude is one of the most powerful influencers of the human brain.  Are you tapping into it…or missing out? Get your free video series: Project Management Hacks & Secrets for Construction Leaders In this video you’ll learn why expressing gratitude and appreciation is good for the people you’re leading, why it’s good for you, what […]

#063: Outsourcing, Starting Your Business on the Side & Dealing with Micro-managers

Episode #63 of The Construction Leading Edge podcast from is a Q&A session with answers to questions a few of you have submitted to me. Topics covered in this construction podcast include: – How you can outsource your bookkeeping. – Why you SHOULD outsource your bookkeeping. – What is OPPORTUNITY COST and how do you […]

We’re In The Middle of a Leadership Paradigm Shift

#062: The Entrepreneurial Myth – Do you have to own a business to be entrepreneurial?

There’s a myth that says if you’re entrepreneurial, you have to own a business…otherwise you’re a quitter. The fact is, you can be entrepreneurial and be an employee. This episode of The Construction Leading Edge podcast from will show you some characteristics of an entrepreneurial employee, how you can set up a business inside an […]

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#061: Selling for Contractors: Talk Less About You and Talk More About Value

Selling for Contractors That’s what Episode 61 of The Construction Leading Edge podcast from is all about… Ryan Lawson from Master Messaging ( and I cover a bunch of good material that will help you. Topics covered in this construction podcast include: Common mistakes you probably make when selling. What it means to sell based […]

Cheap, simple, easy change order reporting from the field

Want the ability to report construction change orders from the field…without expensive software?  Here’s how… PROJECT LEADER BOOT CAMP enrollment is closing soon.  Click the image below to learn how PLB will help PMs, superintendents, foremen, and all project leaders make more money, solve bigger problems, and get to the next level (maybe even take […]

Project Planning: From Big Picture to Microplanning

Tired of getting blind sided by problems on your projects or constantly being in “firefighter” mode? Here’s how to reach into the future and solve problems before they happen.    

What if the solution to your biggest business problems is right in front of you?

Skilled workforce shortage, declining productivity, quality issues, high turnover.  The answer could be closer than you think….  

Harnessing the Power of Effective Delegation

What if you could achieve more, do less, be a more effective construction leader… and build a more engaged team in the process?  You can.  Here’s how…