#057: Owner’s Rep Secrets: What the good ones focus on and the hot buttons contractors need to focus on

Welcome to Episode 57 of The Construction Leading edge podcast from, THE construction podcast for small construction business owners, where my job is to grow your leadership skills, grow your business and grow your income. Ready to put your construction business into overdrive? In this construction podcast episode you’ll learn some secrets about Owner’s […]

Information Overload

You don’t need more information to grow your business…you need disciplined action. Russell learned a valuable lesson from his wrestling coach… If you’re a construction business owner, your problem is not a lack of information. If the availability of information was all it took to solve problems, the world would be full of millionaire CEOs […]

How Lindbergh Helped Win WW2

You might be surprised what a few adjustments will do for your construction business… The P-38 pilots were surprised by the adjustments Lindbergh suggested. “If I had to name one person who contributed more to the war in the Pacific, I can honestly say it was Charles Lindbergh, because he showed our pilots how to […]

Your cash flow problem isn’t the problem…

Your cash flow situation is a symptom of a deeper problem… When you join the Advanced Construction Leadership Community (ACLC), you’ll learn over a dozen proven strategies that will help you experience the freedom of healthy cash flow. Click the button below for details on how to join the ACLC.

Cash Flow Equals Freedom

How would it feel to not worry about your bank balance?  

#056: When Is The Right Time To Take The Leap & How To Pick A Niche With Dan Harbin, Founder of Redwood Builders

Welcome to episode #56 of The Construction Leading Edge podcast, the construction podcast for construction business owners and leaders brought to you by Click here to learn how to make your crew more productive…and profitable This construction podcast episode is an interview with Dan Harbin, Founder and Owner of Redwood Builders, located outside San […]

#055: Dan Parish Went From Finish Carpenter to CEO, and He Started During a Recession

Welcome to The Construction Leading Edge podcast from  Episode #55 is an interview with Dan Parish, CEO of Millworks By Design, and we cover topics including: Click here to learn how to make your crews more productive…and profitable. – How Dan got started as a finish carpenter and ended up as a CEO. – […]

Free Productivity Tips for Contractors

When you put these tips to work, your crews will make you more money. Guaranteed. Click the button below to receive a free 3 video series with tips you can use to make your crews be more productive.     When you sign up, you’ll learn…. How to keep crews producing instead of buying materials. The […]

General James Mattis: The Leadership Lesson He Wishes He Learned Sooner

This leadership lesson about affection may surprise you… General Mattis, what is one leadership lesson you learned as a general grade officer you wish you had learned earlier in your career? His response: You learn all the way through, but one lesson that came into focus was one I learned by watching similar size units.  I […]

Construction Productivity Tips Part 3: Leadership and Delegation

How to starve a horse, defining “winning” and why teaching your team what to do is wrong….   Transcript Todd Dawalt here from with some tips on how to increase construction productivity. Or, as I like to say, how to help your crews make you more money. This is part of the Advanced Construction Leadership […]

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