What kind of mindset do you have? Fixed or Growth?

Every person and organization has a mindset, which goes a long way in determining their success…. Fixed-mindset leaders live in a world where some people are superior and some are inferior. They must repeatedly affirm that they are superior, and the company is simply a platform for this. Let me tell you about John, this […]

Limiting Beliefs: You Need New Glasses

Your UNCONSCIOUS BELIEFS could be distorting how you see yourself and the world…and could be causing you to SELF-SABOTAGE. What are unconscious beliefs and why you NEED to understand them. How to reverse your unconscious limiting beliefs

Mark Breslin

#059: The Skilled Workforce Illusion, What Good Leaders Look Like & How To Find Them – Mark Breslin

Episode 59 of The Construction Leading Edge podcast from is an interview with Mark Breslin of Breslin Strategies, and in this construction podcast, we cover topics including the following: Topics covered in this construction podcast: Why we need a well-led workforce, not just a skilled workforce. Common mistakes contractors make when it comes to their field […]

Crew Productivity: Here’s What Other Business Owners Do

Ever wondered how other construction business owners improve crew productivity? I surveyed construction business owners and here’s how they answered the question…. “What is your #1 tip on how to increase crew productivity? Click here for More Free Productivity Tips for Contractors: Help Your Crews Make You More Money Painting Contractors Cat of nine tails…ancient […]

#058: Why Successful Contractors Self-Destruct, Why Leaders Fail & The Dangerous Mind of The Contractor

The “Mind of the Contractor” can be a two edged sword… Click here for tips to help your crews make you more money If you own a construction business, or work for a contractor….you need to pay close attention to this episode, which is all about…. Why Successful Contractors Self-Destruct and Why Leaders Fail. “Ego-driven people […]

Cash Flow Tip: Understanding Opportunity Cost

Opportunity cost doesn’t show up on your bank statement, but it’s hitting your bottom line.  Every decision you make has an opportunity cost…

Two questions you need to answer to be successful

Answering these two questions will help you get through the resistance and obstacles…

Attack the “Knowledge Gap”

You can prevent some misunderstandings and conflicts by focusing on “the knowledge gap.”

Operate by “First Principles”

Here’s a way of thinking that will help you solve conflicts and better serve your clients.

Productivity Tip: Empower Your People

There’s no better ROI than empowering your people. Here’s how to do it.

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