#063: Outsourcing, Starting Your Business on the Side & Dealing with Micro-managers

Episode #63 of The Construction Leading Edge podcast from www.constructionleadingedge.com is a Q&A session with answers to questions a few of you have submitted to me.

Topics covered in this construction podcast include:

– How you can outsource your bookkeeping.

– Why you SHOULD outsource your bookkeeping.

– What is OPPORTUNITY COST and how do you calculate it?

– If you’re a construction business owner, go to www.constructionleadingedge.com/call to schedule a free 30 minute strategy session with me.

– The first thing you should do if you’re planning to start your own business.

– How you can get paid to prepare for being a construction business owner.

– A strategy you can use to get your first few projects as side gigs.

– Why do micro-managers micro-manage?

– Tips you can use to deal with a micro-manager boss.

– Why you might want to start looking for a new job if your boss is a micro-manager.

Resources mentioned in this construction podcast:

Free Strategy Session for Business Owners – Click here to schedule a no-cost 30 minute call with me to strategize on your next move.

Construction Business Accelerator is designed to help construction business owners and up-and-coming owners avoid getting punched in the face.

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Project Management Hacks and Secrets – Click here to get your hands on a free video series that will help you solve problems in the future, harness the power of delegation and inspire your team to do great work.