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#061: Selling for Contractors: Talk Less About You and Talk More About Value

Selling for Contractors

That’s what Episode 61 of The Construction Leading Edge podcast from is all about…

Ryan Lawson from Master Messaging ( and I cover a bunch of good material that will help you.

Topics covered in this construction podcast include:

  • Common mistakes you probably make when selling.
  • What it means to sell based on value.
  • How do you determine the value you offer.
  • Is it a value position or a value proposition?
  • Is, Does and Means…and what you need to focus on.
  • How can you sell in a low bid environment?
  • The psychology of selling and decision  making.
  • What your sales conversation needs to include

Resources mentioned in this construction podcast:

Master Messaging –

How to Communicate Value – Click here to download the free ebook

The Advanced Construction Leadership Community – Take your small construction business to the next level.  Click here to learn how joining the ACLC will help you win.