#056: When Is The Right Time To Take The Leap & How To Pick A Niche With Dan Harbin, Founder of Redwood Builders

Welcome to episode #56 of The Construction Leading Edge podcast, the construction podcast for construction business owners and leaders brought to you by www.constructionleadingedge.com.

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This construction podcast episode is an interview with Dan Harbin, Founder and Owner of Redwood Builders, located outside San Francisco, California.

Dan has been working on his business part time for the past year or so, and just recently took the leap to dedicating 100% of his time to growing his business.

We cover topics including the following in this construction podcast episode:

  • When do you know it’s the right time to jump and go all in on your business?
  • How do you pick a niche market to focus on?
  • The strategies Dan learned in commercial construction management that he uses with his residential clients.
  • How Dan markets his business using social media.
  • The most educational mistake Dan has made so far in business.
  • “Every day is a roller coaster.”
  • The research Dan recommends before you start up your business.

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How to connect with Dan Harbin:

Facebook –¬†https://www.facebook.com/redwoodbuildersgc